In 2014 I had the opportunity to work at BDA Creative München for the client Classica. Classica is a classical music channel devoted to live recordings and live performance.

BDA Creative München was asked to do a complete channel brand for its client: beginning with designing a new logo to introducing a new picture language and animating motion graphics.

Together with designer Jim Greenslade it was my task to create and animate 3d enviroments in which the strings of music instruments would come alive.

Best new corporate design package: Eyes&Ears Europe 2014 - 3rd prize

Best design-related musical composition: Eyes&Ears Europe 2014 - 2nd prize

GOLD for best channel brand: PromaxbdaEU 2015 Awards.

SILVER for idents: PromaxbdaEU 2015 Awards.


Client: Classica
Agency: BDA Creative München
Creative Director: Tim Finnamore
Art Director: Anika Flade
Managing Director: Philipp Wundt / Benjamin Kerneck
Sounddesign: Klangstüberl
3D: Jim Greenslade / Magnus Schlüter