A crazy Christmas design package for Disney XD.

What is the channel Disney XD all about? Well, it is mainly made for young boys at the ages from nine to twelve. These kids love to be loud, wild and cheeky. And they love it when stuff gets broken. Therefore the channel had to be loud, wild and cheeky, too. And something had to be broken, of course.

So we came up with the basic idea that we don`t want to show a perfect winter-wonder-land. Leave that to the girls. We wanted to do exactly the opposite. We wanted to destroy the wonderland and everything that had to do with it. And that`s what we did. We designed the channel as a wild and funny ride.

Client: Disney XD
Agency: BDA Creative München
Creative Director: Tim Finnamore
Managing Director: Philipp Wundt / Benjamin Kerneck
3D & Animation: Magnus Schlüter / Matthias Hofbauer / Jim Greenslade