Visual Artist and 3D Designer

ZDF heute Keyvisuals


ZDF heute Keyvisuals

The comprehensive rebranding of a journalistic benchmark calls for careful and smart direction for the next decade. We combine "On Air" and "Digital" with one guiding principle: Simplicity. A simple keyline serves as a visual metaphor for news and information. The world map and globe transform into fluid visual elements that demonstrate both connectivity and dependability.

The keyline also forms the basis for an iconic studio backdrop, for which we are collaborating with set designer Billionpoints. The originally subtle color palette has been given a contemporary update.

I was in charge of designing and producing keyvisuals for all the different news categories and magazine formats - the faces of all the ZDF heute news shows.

Produced at BDA Creative Munich
Art Direction & Design: Anika Flade, Astrid Nowak, Tim Finnamore
Production: Anika Flade, Astrid Nowak, Magnus Schlüter, Frederic Kokott, Nocki Sixomphon, Mike Hilzinger
Creative Direction: Tim Finnamore